Disability Pride Parade Bulletin

Disability Pride Parade

Sunday 3rd December marked International Day of People with Disability (IDoPWD).  To celebrate the occasion, Dignity Party participated in the 3rd Disability Pride Parade, the only event of its kind in Australia.  A large group gathered at the steps of Parliament House before parading down King William Street to Victoria Square/Tarndanyangga.

A big thank you to everyone who organised and participated in this colourful event and our MC, Joanne Blessing, speakers Quentin Kenihan, Aimee Crathern, Ellen Fraser-Barbour, Katharine Annear and the Honourable Kelly Vincent MLC.

Thanks also to the Lord Mayor Martin Haese and the City of Adelaide for their ongoing support of and dedicated commitment to community inclusion and the Disability Pride Parade.

(Video description: A montage of video from the Disability Pride Parade to mark International Day of People with Disabilities filmed on Friday 1st December, 2017 in Adelaide, South Australia from Parliament House, along the route of the Disability Pride Parade down King William Street to Victoria Square/Tarndanyangga. Set to guitar music, and at times in slow motion, the video shows people wearing different items of purple clothing with many holding purple balloons).

Don’t just wish or hope Kelly Vincent will be re-elected … get involved to make sure she is!

Q: Okay what can I do? A: Heaps!

Dignity Party need people, money and resources to boost our campaign. Like and share Kelly’s work on Facebook.

Regular readers of this bulletin will know that we put out the call for donations on a regular basis. Dignity Party need the cash resources to help us raise the vote on Election Day. The breadth of work Kelly Vincent has undertaken, since she was elected as Australia’s youngest MP in 2010, is enormous. Visit Kelly’s website to discover for yourself!

Through the work of key Dignity Party volunteers supported by donations large and small from generous donors, we have positioned Dignity Party as a strong alternative political voice in SA. Dignity Party rely on donations because we do not have the benefit of millions of dollars that the old political parties have.

We fundraise and make sure we spend our money wisely. In the lead up to the 17th March 2018 we want to create a strong multi-platform media campaign to make sure voters know about the Dignity Party, Kelly Vincent, our local candidates and the push for a fair and inclusive South Australia.

Kelly Vincent is the voice of compassion, fairness and human rights in our parliament and we don’t want to imagine a future without her there.

If you can volunteer to hand out how-to-vote cards on Election Day, Kelly Vincent’s vote will increase. If you will stand with over 22 other candidates for election, Kelly Vincent’s vote will increase. If you can support Dignity Party through donations, or purchase t-shirts and merchandise you will be part of the Dignity Party team backing Kelly Vincent.

You can host your own fundraiser, a dinner/BBQ etc. You can request family and friends support Dignity Party as a gift this festive season. Your business may be able to donate goods or services that will help us dress/ feed and train our volunteers before, during and after Election Day.

Donations are tax deductible (between $2 -$1,500)
Dignity Party is a registered political party and you can make your donation through our website here

Account name: Dignity Party
BSB: 105 074
Acc. No: 049 800 740

Handing out ‘How-to-vote’ cards session

A session on handing out how-to-vote cards will be held on Saturday 9th December 10am – 11.30am at our Campaign Hive, 3 Halifax Street, Adelaide.

RSVP: volunteer@dignityparty.org.au

Looking forward to your company!
Rick Neagle
President, Dignity Party
0431 704 074