Keeping you in the loop!

We are still awaiting final results for the Upper House…they say patience is a virtue!

Hello, just keeping you in the loop with the latest from the Dignity Party!

It’s World Autism Awareness Month! If you are interested you can read more at this link: United Nations World Autism Day 2018

Each year, World Autism Awareness day is marked on 2nd April.  This year Adelaide’s own Torrens University has launched an online course “The Voices of Autism” to coincide with these events.  The Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) is free and is aimed at teachers, health workers, parents and anyone  interested in learning more about autism.  You can register for the free MOOC here: http://www.torrens.edu.au/mooc-the-voices-of-autism

Of course, as many of you know, my own awareness of autism comes from being dad to Mitchell, who is now coming up to his 18th birthday.  From my own experience I can definitely say it would make a great difference to the lives of people with autism if there was more general understanding in the community about it.  Mitch has faced many barriers that can be attributed to ignorance, and that’s exactly the sort of barrier Dignity Party has worked to overcome through our actions in the political sphere.


Nothing to report!  We are still waiting to hear the final results of the SA election, the Upper House count is expected to be finalised late next week or early the following week (somewhere between 11th and 17th April).  Thanks for all the messages of encouragement and support for Hon Kelly Vincent’s bid for re-election, we have our fingers crossed and as part of the process of our democracy the result is not finalised until the last vote is counted.

The hard working Dignity Party Events Team have now hosted two fabulous post-election events, our Election Night Party and our Thank You to Helpers Morning Tea – we enjoyed a great turn out to each of these events, excellent feedback on the election campaign and good constructive comments for the campaign review group to work on as well.  There were many eager new faces at each event, and this is really heartening in these difficult times.

We just can’t stress enough how much we appreciate the work of our supporters who volunteered with handing out how to vote cards on election day, and we value the ongoing team spirit that has developed over the past year especially.  The warm and positive feedback about the calibre of our field of 34 candidates has also been great.

If you have not already made a donation to help out with our election costs, please consider doing so.


On Friday 20th April, you are invited to the Dignity Party Arty Wine Night and Silent Auction @ Campaign Hive 3 Halifax Street Adelaide.  There will be good wine and nibbles, and artworks and other items to bid for, please book now (essential for catering purposes)! Tickets available now for just $15 or $10 concession Book here!

This will be the last event at our Campaign Hive as our lease expires at the end of April.

If you have any comments about the recent election campaign or would like to discuss becoming more involved with the Dignity Party please let me know.

Rick Neagle

President, Dignity Party

0431 704 074



Post election expenses continue to come in, we appreciate your generous donations at this time.

You can make your donation through our website here
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