SA Economic Future 1 Year To Election Day

Who will drive a fair economic future for our state?
It is predicted that energy generation, cost and reliability will drive the political agenda as we head towards the State Election (17th March,2018), yet that single issue should not overshadow the need for a strong policy platform focusing on the overall economic plan and job creation in South Australia.

Business SA and the Property Council of Australia hosted an event, exactly a year out from election day, with the Premier Jay Weatherill and Leader of the Opposition Steven Marshall. The business and property sectors represent a significant cross section of our economy, providing jobs and prosperity for many South Australians.  Examining their agenda is important, but we should never lose sight of the need to encourage both economic and human diversity in our state.

The roll out of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is already resulting in a significant boost in employment in South Australia, and greater freedom of choice and control for people living with disabilities.  The increased workforce will provide support to more than 32,000 South Australians enrolled in the NDIS when it is fully implemented (July 2018).

When the NDIS is fully operational, the SA disability sector workforce is expected to increase from its pre NDIS level of 5000 to over 11,500.  This is a significant increase in the health and community sector and will provide necessary supports for people with disabilities. Workers, including some transitioning from the manufacturing industry have moved into the disability sector and there will be many opportunities for others to join them.  The healthcare and social assistance industry sector employs more people than any other industry in Australia (11.6 percent of the workforce in 2011) and a greater proportion in South Australia (13.6 per cent).  It is predicted that this industry will continue to grow to employ 18.3% of the SA workforce by 2025.  We must provide quality training to ensure we are ready to meet this demand.

Strengthening NDIS implementation with a national housing strategy has the potential to reap both social and economic benefits for our state. The current housing stock in SA is expected to be insufficient to meet the needs of people with disabilities. It is estimated that an additional 2,400 houses will be needed, representing a shortfall of 1,300 homes taking into account current levels of housing stock.

Creating appropriate housing for people with disabilities will include well-located housing close to shops, public transport and other services. Opportunities for property developers and builders in this area are abundant.

Dignity Party have long stood for human rights, and in a time when the gap between the “haves” and the “have nots” is growing, we cannot rest.  The recent fall in consumer confidence must not be allowed continue.  We need your support to drive our political agenda.  We want “fair-conomics” that is, an economy that is fair to all and one that recognises the strength in the social as well as the economic realms. Who really has a vision for a more respectful, fair and equal South Australia?  Kelly Vincent and the Dignity Party, that’s who!  Kelly Vincent continues to work both in the parliament, and in the community to take action for fairness, equality and human rights.  Kelly is up for re-election next year, and we need your support to ensure she remains the voice of reason in the upper house.

In these times of broad macro-economic change, South Australia must look to what we can change, by strengthening our local economy through focusing on the micro-economic picture.   It is important to Dignity Party that this focus includes putting South Australians at the centre of all that we aim to achieve. There is constant reinforcement through the media that we are living in increasingly uncertain times, we see the best move for our state is to grasp the opportunity to control those aspects of the economy where we can make a difference.   In so doing, we will strengthen both our people and our economy and increase our resilience against market fluctuations.

Our success at next year’s election will be driven by the generous support of people like you.