Andrew Ey, HEYSEN

Andrew has had a varied career including hospitality, administration and seven years as a support worker with people with disabilities.  He believes there is a need for more information and awareness in the community about people with disabilities.  More options for choice are needed, as well as increased post-school options and employment opportunities for people with disabilities.  Increased cost of living pressures need to be addressed, and alternatives to online communication need to be provided for those without computer technology or access to decent internet speed.  Andrew has identified the need for improved public transport in the Hills, including ensuring fully accessible buses.  The ageing population will not be able to rely on private vehicles, so alternatives must be found now.  Andrew is an advocate for human rights and believes the Dignity Party are serving the electorate well through the work of Upper House MP, Kelly Vincent. For too many, life is a daily struggle, where every gain must be fought for instead of being given as a matter of course. Andrew’s life experience has shown me that dignity means the world, Andrew wants South Australia to be a place where there are no second-class citizens.

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