Anne Watkins, UNLEY

A retired nurse manager, Anne has enjoyed the lifestyle of the Unley area for 30 years. Anne understands the changing needs of the community. She is an active grandmother of two.

Anne has enjoyed active paid and volunteer roles, including as an Educator and Nurse Practitioner with Family Planning SA, SA’s Community Visitor Scheme, visiting supported residential facilities.

Anne has also enjoyed visiting nursing homes with her dogs (Lucy & Sophie), and she would like to see pet therapy expanded in the community as a way of connecting people.

Dignity Party and Kelly Vincent have raised the issues of human rights in our own community, and Anne is proud to be associated with this important work. It’s time to safeguard older people whether they live in the community or in residential care. There are too many people in our community who are facing discrimination on a daily basis. South Australia can do better, and with Kelly Vincent and Dignity Party Anne believes the future is bright.

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