Ben Wilson, DUNSTAN

Ben has had a close connection to the eastern suburbs for most of his life. He lived as a child and as an adolescent at various homes in the area and completed both his primary and secondary schooling in the eastern suburbs. As a youngster, he played cricket for East Torrens and football for Norwood. When Ben returned to Adelaide from playing AFL football, he became a first home buyer in Payneham.

Ben walks the local streets, eats at cafes along the Parade, plays with his children in leafy local parks, buys from local shops and patronises the neighbourhood cinema. He knows what the people of Dunstan want because he has been part of the fabric of the local community since birth.

Ben completed a Bachelor of Education from Sydney University and a Masters of Leadership and Management in Education from the University of Newcastle. He taught at Saint Michaels and, most recently, has spent fifteen years teaching senior history at St Peter’s College in Hackney. During that time, Ben held the position of Head of House, where he was responsible for the wellbeing of many students and applied the skills that he learnt from resilience training taught by Pennsylvania University.

He played football for Collingwood and Sydney in the AFL, before returning to Adelaide to play in the SANFL with Norwood and later South Adelaide. After retiring, he was an assistant coach for Norwood and spent several years with AFL team Port Adelaide Power in recruiting, development, bench communications and as a team runner on match days.

He is a capable musician and a former member of local original rock band Fastlake, although the progression of his HD means that his timing/rhythm is not what it used to be. While his balance makes it tricky, he still enjoys going surfing.

Ben is an Ambassador for Huntington’s SA & NT and is the cofounder of hope HD. Following his diagnosis with Huntington’s Disease, rather than meekly accept the inevitable, Ben shows the determination honed in elite sports to fight the disease and to approach every day positively. Due to his strong belief in serving others he continues to raise awareness of the disease, advocate for fellow sufferers and provide a message of hope to the HD community that people can still flourish despite suffering one of the most debilitating diseases known to humankind. He believes that if he can think greater than himself and make life just a little easier for others with the condition, then he will have achieved something of value.

Ben strongly believes that it is important to focus on solutions to problems rather than just to complain, an attitude he describes as “it’s better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.” He also understands that many people have good intentions, however, they put things off. While at school, Ben read a quote from Etienne de Grellet who said;

I expect to pass through this world but once; any good thing therefore that I can do, or any kindness that I can show to any fellow creature, let me do it now; let me not defer or neglect it, for I shall not pass this way again.

Ben sees great wisdom in this and has adopted this as a personal mantra.

He is standing for the Dignity Party in the electorate of Dunstan in the March 2018 state election as he has a strong belief in social justice and finds in the Dignity Party a commitment to treating all individuals with respect. Achieving equality of opportunity for all, promoting fairness and ensuring justice are key concerns Ben advocates which align with Dignity Party priorities.

Ben is grateful for the mentoring of Rick Neagle who prompted him towards politics as a way to continue to make a difference. He is inspired by the courage of Rick’s autistic son, Mitchell, and others like him. Ben has found Kelly Vincent a wonderful role model and a determined and passionate advocate.

Ben believes that the people of Dunstan deserve to be represented by someone who is committed to each and every member of the electorate, who is authentic, rather than a career politician and who has a proven ability to establish positive relationships.

Ben will give individuals a say in what happens to them, advocate for them, listen to and care about them, their families and their communities.

His promise is to address the wider concerns of locals and not to be captive to a narrow political agenda and to campaign passionately towards protecting the vulnerable, helping everyone achieve prosperity and building a compassionate, caring society based on fundamental values of respect for others.

He urges you to vote for a genuine voice of change in Dunstan!

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