Betty-Jean Price, ADELAIDE

Educator, social worker and now PhD candidate (having received a scholarship in public health) Betty-Jean (B-J) Price brings a wealth of experience to the Dignity Party team.  She is passionate about advancing the rights of people with complex communication needs, and wants to see appropriate policy in this area.  She knows the issues faced by families negotiating the NDIS, she is one of them, and also the challenges of accessing support for people with mental health issues. Living in the electorate and having been raised in a family of Adelaide CBD small business owners, B-J is closely connected to Adelaide.  She has been an active member on the Access and Inclusion Panel with the Adelaide City Council. Prior to her work in the disability field she has served on several committees within the CBD including the Inner City Agencies Group (ICAG) the South Australian Drug Court Treatment Committee and the SACOSS Law and Justice Committee.

B-J believes that understanding the nexus between dignity, human rights and democracy is key to improving services for individuals and families.  Access to education for students with disabilities is not always regarded as the right that it is, under existing law.  This needs to change, and the ability of school staff to understand the rights of students is fundamental to success in this area.  Parents have been fobbed off for too long, it is exhausting and unacceptable to be fighting battles against ignorance.

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