Cat Connor, FROME

Cat is big sister to two brothers with profound autism, and has seen the struggle their parents have had to obtain appropriate services.  She wants to be involved to encourage all young people to have their say about how our state is governed.  As an aged care worker, Cat is keen to see staff to client ratios increased, believing that this would improve the quality of care as well as job satisfaction.  Cat follows in her father, Garry Connor’s footsteps as a proud Dignity Party Candidate.  With little background in politics, Cat’s passion as a candidate comes from her connection to people in the local Port Pirie community.  She wants to support Kelly Vincent’s re-election and sees that the gap in service delivery for regional South Australians needs to be addressed to increase equity for all.  Locally, Cat wants more accessible ramps and toilets in businesses and shops around the district.  She also sees the need for increased services especially more qualified people to assist with therapy for children with disabilities as well as much-needed overnight respite.

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