Cathi Tucker, WAITE

Locally, Cathi has been a strong advocate for improved public transport and safer suburban streets as well as a supporter of the rail freight by-pass option.

“I’m disappointed that governments of both persuasions at state and federal level continue to ignore not only the rail freight noise issue but the lack of efficiency of the current freight route compared to road transport between Adelaide and Melbourne. Bus travel in Adelaide has improved, especially with mobile phone app technology – but we need more community input on proposed route changes within Waite.”

“As an example, we need buses that respond to our lifestyle needs, having a ‘Go Zone’ that finishes at 6pm doesn’t encourage people to leave the car at home as many people work later than 6pm.  Our ageing community must be given the facilities, such as access to hydrotherapy pools, to remain active.”

Cathi is standing for election to support Kelly Vincent’s bid for re-election in the Upper House.

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