Cristina Rodert, KAVEL

Cristina Rodert lives in Littlehampton and has studied Forestry, Natural Resources Management, Remote Sensing & Geographic Information System, Financial Services and Accounting.  She currently works as an Employment Consultant as she is motivated to work with people.  She is passionate about helping the disadvantaged and people with disabilities and their families to engage with the community.

Through her professional role, she knows that many jobseekers and unemployed people are doing it tough, and believes it is important to support people to build their skills, confidence and establish connections.

Although the rollout of the NDIS is changing lives, it is important that people also realise that attitudes to disability need to change. Cristina looks forward to a more inclusive and accepting community, where people with disability are welcomed and involved in local activities.

Cristina is a mother to a young man who has multiple disabilities and high needs and is aware of the challenges faced by families/carers raising a child with disability. Cristina lived through challenges in accessing assistance with incontinence aids, respite services and supported accommodation for her son, a situation she says no other parent should ever experience.

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