Donovan Cresdee, HURTLE VALE

Donovan believes that Dignity Party and Kelly Vincent have done great work in supporting the Deaf community, that’s what has motivated him to stand with Dignity Party to support Kelly Vincent’s re-election.

With increased awareness especially during emergencies, the Deaf community can feel more included, and this is important. “We are taxpayers, workers and voters! We should be included,” says Donovan.

Donovan wants to show the broader community that Deaf people want to be involved and to contribute to society. As a small business owner, he understands the challenges faced by employers but believes the future for South Australia is very bright. Donovan believes that education holds the key to unlocking the potential of our future, both as individuals and as a state. He wants to ensure that deaf and hard of hearing babies and young children have a language-rich environment, and that non-Deaf people are exposed to information about Deaf culture.

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