Esther Simbi, #4 Upper House

Born in South Sudan and contracting polio as a child, Esther came to Australia in 2005 as a refugee after living in extreme hardships in refugee camps in Uganda for 19 years. With a strong belief that access to quality education gave her opportunities to establish a career as a social worker and as a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner, through an emphasis on education Esther now empowers others to understand that disability is not inability. Her resilience and perseverance in relation to her own story will assist her in working towards overcoming inequality and disadvantage for people with a disability. Esther is a mother of two beautiful girls and was the Founder of, and Coordinator for, the Crossing the Bridge Project which is aimed at providing Services to African Women with Disabilities, to mothers of African children with disabilities and to wives and female family members of African men with disabilities.  Esther says: “there is an unacceptable level of ignorance about disability, including within government, it’s time for true equality.”

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