Kelly Vincent, #1 Upper House

Kelly Vincent

The Honourable Kelly Vincent MLC is a trailblazer, she’s the youngest woman elected to an Australian parliament, the first elected on a disability rights platform and she is Leader of the Dignity Party in the South Australian Legislative Council.

First elected in 2010, Kelly gets results through her parliamentary work, among her achievements:

– Kelly took the lead in seeking to establish SA’s Disability Justice Plan;

– She instigated a committee enquiry into the educational experience of students with disabilities,

– She ensured that universal design principles are considered in state planning law.

Kelly was previously involved in professional playwriting and performance and she remains a passionate and active patron of the South Australian Arts community.

Kelly was listed in The Adelaide Advertiser’s inaugural Young Guns – Ones to Watch, the International Women’s Day list of South Australia’s Most Influential Women, and she was a finalist in the Daily Life ANZ Women of the Year awards.  Kelly is in demand as a speaker and has spoken at conferences interstate and overseas, and she appears regularly in the media.

The Social Development Committee of the SA Parliament, of which Kelly Vincent is a member, recently reported on the issue of the impact of domestic and family violence in South Australia.  The committee endorsed the value of continuing education programs to address violence, abuse and gender inequality.

Where domestic abuse does occur, effective and appropriate responses must be in place to prevent it recurring.  It is unacceptable that women with disabilities are twice as likely to be victims of violence and sexual abuse, and raising awareness of this issue is an important aspect of Kelly’s work.

On a daily basis, Kelly Vincent is contacted by people in crisis – often due in part to the disproportionate amount of time people with disabilities have to spend battling with bureaucracy simply to gain the fair access to the world others take for granted.  Kelly says her goal is to make herself redundant, and she says this goal will be realised when having a disability in Australia no longer constitutes a full-time job.

Kelly Vincent is a prominent and respected advocate for people with disabilities, and their family carers in the South Australian political landscape.  She supports radical change in the way the needs of people with disabilities are met, believing that the biggest thing that needs to shift and change are attitudes towards disability.