Lily Durkin, BADCOE

19 year old Lily is passionate about the law and the way politics affects all of our lives, especially key minority groups.  As a young woman with a disability, Lily wants to work towards the availability of more support, opportunity and engagement for young people.  She also sees the need for the strong voices and fresh ideas of youth to be part of parliamentary decision making in South Australia.  As the candidate for Badcoe, Lily wants to see planning law that represents the wishes of the community, including incorporation of long overdue universal design principles and provision of open space.  She also wants to champion the issues faced by young carers, improve mental health services, and ensure increased education in schools about disability.  Based on her personal experience, Lily says it’s outrageous that public transport is not yet fully accessible, she wants to see buses with stairs taken off the road.  With an ageing population, and for people with mobility access needs, Lily says many footpaths urgently need to be upgraded. Lily is using her voice to achieve positive change towards universal design in South Australia.

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