Madeline McCaul, CHELTENHAM

Madeline McCaul has a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Politics, and a Graduate Diploma in Public Health. Madeline stands with the Dignity Party because she want South Australia to be a place where fairness, equality and freedom of expression is valued.  Social inclusion happens when our community understands and values diversity.  Madeline wants to see a society that embraces everyone, without discrimination based on gender, sexuality, gender identity, disability, age, race or religion.  As a gay transgender woman, Madeline has experienced marginalisation and discrimination.  She’s keen to work with the LGBTIQA community on healthy ways to counter negative attacks.  South Australia needs to focus on investing more in health prevention and offering community based health care, including mental health support.  By encouraging and supporting healthy lifestyles, we can reduce the budgetary strain on the acute medical system.  Madeline wants to encourage more affordable housing, and increased relief for low income households experiencing bill stress.

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