Nick Schumi, ELDER

‘I am a candidate for the Dignity Party to raise awareness of what disability means to each and every person.  I believe it is everybody’s issue, whether you have a disability or not’.

Nick Schumi believes it’s time disability becomes everybody’s issue, he’s passionate about raising community awareness of the human rights cracks in the system that is intended to care for people living with a disability.  A proud young advocate, Nick brings attention to issues of social justice, finding that the personal becomes the political when people ask questions about disability.

“Too often ignorance comes from people who should know better, I want to see improved knowledge and understanding in the community about what it means to live with a disability in SA today,” says Mr Schumi.

Nick speaks out because he can. He takes a big picture view of disability and politics, from issues of mentoring and empowering young people living with a disability to get involved in volunteering, to relationship and sexual health training and engagement with the Department for Communities and Social Inclusion on youth policy matters.

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