Tiffany Littler, LEE

Tiffany Littler is a young woman with a disability whose life journey has given her the strength and the capacity to be a strong candidate for the Dignity Party. “I want to support my friend, Kelly Vincent to be re-elected.” says Tiffany.

Tiffany wants people to see and understand people with disabilities. We need more general awareness, but also South Australia needs to provide more support to students through the education system. Tiffany finds that ignorance in the community is creating barriers, and she wants to break them down. “If I go to a restaurant or café, but can’t get into the toilet because is I used for storage, this is an unnecessary blockage for me. If a footpath is closed for repair, the signs need to be far enough back that I can cross the road safely. These sorts of things happen every day. People need to take action, and responsibility in these situations.” she says.

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