Directions for South Australia – Animal Welfare and Rights

“We need to put an end to animal cruelty in all industries and promote a culture where animal welfare is always prioritised.” – Kelly Vincent MLC


The Dignity Party is opposed to cruelty to animals, whether this been in an industrial, entertainment or domestic context.

According to the RSPCA, more than 2 out of every 3 Australian layer hens are confined to battery cages. The Dignity Party believes this is a cruel practice that should be rapidly phased out.

The Dignity Party oppose live animal exports. We acknowledge that meat exports are important to the South Australian economy, but we should utilise alternatives to live exports, such as supplying frozen meat products. Whilst live exports continue, the Australian Government must work with those who import our livestock to ensure that humane slaughter practices are used.

The Dignity Party are opposed to any cruelty inflicted towards an animal in the name of sport or entertainment. Jumps racing has been banned in most states, but unfortunately this outdated sport has continued in South Australia. Statistics show that jumps racing is more likely to cause fatalities than other horse racing, therefore the Dignity Party believe jumps racing must be banned.

The Dignity Party are also opposed to greyhound racing. This is an industry where dogs are overbred, only for many that are surplus to requirements to be euthanised. The Dignity Party believe greyhound racing should be phased out, but whilst the industry continues there should at least be more transparency from Greyhound Racing SA about the number of dogs bred and euthanised, and the reason for their euthanisation.

Duck and quail hunting is still an active sport in South Australia. Reports show that very few hunters fill out an annual survey card issued by the Conservation and Hunting Alliance of SA to report the numbers birds hunted. The Dignity Party believe this should be a mandatory requirement for all hunters to ensure that the SA Government can manage duck and quail populations and annually monitor any changes.

The Dignity Party were pleased to support legislation to address the overbreeding of cats and dogs and to put an end to puppy farms. However, the Dignity Party believes more education and awareness is needed for consumers to ensure they buy from responsible breeders and know how to report illegal breeding. There should also be tighter regulation for pet stores to ensure that their supply comes from rescue animals or pets from registered breeders.

The Dignity Party believe the RSPCA should be sufficiently funded and supported to prevent animal cruelty and to prosecute offenders.


Dignity Party believe South Australia must do more to protect animal welfare.

In South Australia we must:

  • Phase out battery caged hens
  • Transition to alternatives to live animal exports
  • Ban jumps racing
  • Ban greyhound racing
  • Ensure duck and quail hunting is monitored and regulated
  • Educate consumers about illegal breeding of cats and dogs
  • Regulate the sale of domestic animals in pet stores
  • Ensure the RSPCA is sufficiently funded to prevent animal cruelty.
  • Have legislation to ban import and use of shock collars.

Dignity Party OPPOSE cruelty to animals.

Dignity Party PROPOSE South Australia have a cruelty free focus to ensure animal welfare is always prioritised.