Directions for South Australia – Energy that does not cost the earth

“South Australia urgently needs an energy plan that lasts longer than an election cycle.  We can’t afford short term solutions” – Kelly Vincent MLC


The Dignity Party support a 100% renewable energy target for South Australia.

The Dignity Party did not support the demolition of the Northern Power Station at Port Augusta, and instead consider an interim power security plan should have been put in place.

The Dignity Party support the establishment of a solar thermal plant in Port Augusta and believe the SA Government should have committed to this much earlier.

South Australians without alternative power are paying a high percentage of their income for power and it is crushing many people financially. The Labor government are offering a low income power supplement, but this is a short-term cynical vote catching plan, rather than a long term solution to our future energy needs.

We support encouraging a reduction in power usage by households, something that there has been little assistance to do so far. Increasing household energy efficiency would lead to less reliance on heating and cooling. An emphasis on passive solar construction on all newly built homes, and increased insulation rating and detailed information about the different amounts of power used by appliances would make a difference.

To reduce current domestic power bills by 50% would be an ideal target, but with SA’s power being sold by the Liberal government we are at the whim of the market when it comes to pricing.

There needs to be urgent attention to the impact of climate change on domestic homes in terms of heating and cooling, and a plan to retro-fit as well as improve all new buildings to enable them to withstand hotter summers and colder winters.


Dignity Party believes South Australia needs to have a clear path forward to continue our nation leading investment in renewables, whilst keeping power bills down.

In South Australia we must:

  • Commit to a 100% renewable energy target;
  • Continue to invest in renewable technologies with storage;
  • Encourage passive solar construction on newly built homes;
  • Increase education campaigns about cost effective and low cost energy options for households;
  • Encourage the retrofitting of households to improve long-term energy usage;
  • Commit to a long-term energy plan for South Australia.
  • Maintain and expand the medical heating and cooling rebate to cover more medical conditions.

Dignity Party OPPOSE short term solutions to unaffordable power prices.

Dignity Party PROPOSE a long-term sustainable energy strategy that ensures reliable, renewable energy for homes and industry.