Directions for South Australia – Leisure and Sport

“Access to activities including leisure and sporting experiences is a human right.” – Kelly Vincent MLC


The opportunity to participate in leisure and sport is a human right.  A range of social, psychological, economic, health and wellbeing benefits are associated with participation in these activities.

The Dignity Party supports all efforts to increase meaningful access to community activities; including leisure and sporting experiences. It looks forward to an increase in sustainable funding for participation when the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is fully implemented in 2019.

The Dignity Party welcomes the shift of power and choice to individuals with disability that are eligible for the NDIS, but, effort must be made to address emerging gaps in opportunities for people with a disability who do not qualify for NDIS.

Dignity Party says we must have equal and fair participation in leisure and sporting opportunities for people with disability, including leisure education.  This could include; leisure awareness, social interaction skills, leisure resources (including adaptive resources) and leisure activity skills.

The Dignity Party recognise and support the right of people with disability to negotiate an equitable, dignified and independent leisure and sporting lifestyle.


In South Australia we must:

  • Ensure sporting clubs can accommodate and are welcoming to participants who are ageing or with disabilities
  • Fund community facilities that are accessible for all
  • Reduce the barriers to participation.

Dignity Party OPPOSE segregated leisure and sport activities for people with disabilities.

Dignity Party PROPOSE improved leisure education and accessible facilities.