Directions for South Australia – Nuclear No Way

“Nuclear waste lasts for hundreds of years, not just one electoral cycle.” – Kelly Vincent MLC


The Dignity Party do not support the nuclear waste dumps that have been proposed for South Australia.

In 2015/16 the Labor Government pushed their policy for South Australia to become a global high-level nuclear waste dumpsite. A Citizen’s Jury investigated this and voted strongly against it. The Dignity Party support the people’s position, and certainly do not support any further State Government money going towards this proposal.

The Dignity Party oppose the Federal Government’s current proposed nuclear waste sites in Barndioota (Flinders Ranges) and two sites near Kimba.

The Dignity Party cannot support any form of nuclear waste dump being built on Aboriginal land where community consultation has not occurred. Thorough and respectful consultation is crucial to ensure that all community members are given an opportunity to contribute their views and to provide explicit consent.

It is the Government’s responsibility to ensure communities are aware of the pros and cons of establishing a waste dump.  South Australia already has low level radioactive waste stored near Woomera.  Despite annual inspections of the Woomera facility, in 2017 it was reported that the drums the waste is stored in are deteriorating rapidly.  This deterioration includes significant rust, deterioration of the plastic drum-liners and crushing of some stacked drums (ARPANSA).

The Dignity Party are also concerned that building a nuclear waste dump could put our clean and green food and wine industries at risk. Nuclear energy is known to be a risky and controversial form of energy due to its radiation. If anything were to go wrong during the transportation of nuclear waste, this could have devastating impacts on our state’s reputation.

If a nuclear waste dump is established in South Australia, this will last for hundreds of years, not just one electoral cycle. The Dignity Party believe that no site should go ahead, until long-term plans for the site are released.

The Dignity Party do not support nuclear power generation in South Australia or any expansion of our uranium mining. We also oppose proposals for South Australia to construct nuclear powered submarines.

The Dignity Party have concerns about any increased isotope production at Lucas Heights, NSW. We believe that alternatives to the reactor production of isotopes must be considered such as cyclotrons. Evidence suggests that cyclotrons are safer, cleaner and more reliable.

The Dignity Party support the United Nations Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons and call for Australia to become a signatory to the agreement. The Dignity Party believe that all nuclear weapons must be eliminated.


Dignity Party do not support the nuclear waste dumps currently proposed for SA.

In South Australia we must:

  • Consider the transportation and long-term risks of nuclear waste;
  • Ensure that thorough and respectful consultation with First Nations peoples occurs;
  • Provide honest and clear information about the pros and cons of nuclear waste storage;
  • Ensure full remedial work is carried out on the low-level storage facility near Woomera before further deterioration occurs;
  • Protect our clean and green food, wine and tourism industries.

Dignity Party OPPOSE the location of further nuclear waste dumps in South Australia.

Dignity Party PROPOSE full sealing and increased monitoring of low-level waste currently stored at Woomera.