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A fair go – for everybody

Weekender Herald 2018 SA Election

Cristina Rodert

Dignity Party candidate for Kavel

A fair go – for everybody

I’m a proud local, living in Littlehampton with my family.

We feel very lucky to live in a beautiful part of South Australia. As the SA election is on the horizon, I want to take this opportunity to share some of the work Dignity Party’s Kelly Vincent has been doing.

The SA Disability Justice Plan has come about as a direct result of Kelly Vincent’s work. It is so important that we make sure that justice is available to everyone.

Thanks to Kelly’s work and the implementation of the plan, South Australia leads the way, and other states are looking at following us.

You may recall the “bus mum’s” case where a bus driver walked free, this highlighted the need for reform to allow people with disabilities to use communication partners within our justice system.

It is only fair that everyone has a chance to tell their side of the matter. Kelly Vincent’s recent work has seen over $40 million dollars in funding allocated to health, mental health, and the centre for disability health.

These vital initiatives show that the needs of more people in the community are now being met due to Kelly Vincent’s hard work.

People with disabilities are too often excluded from the opportunities others take for granted. There are many ways this situation can be rectified, and offering decent post-school options and pathways to employment is one key area.

The SA Government, with all its resources, across all its departments conducted a three month blitz aimed at increasing employment of people with disabilities, this campaign resulted in just 8 new positions for people with disabilities.

Because SA has a public sector workforce of 100,000, it is clear that we can do better than that.

We need to raise our expectations of the abilities of people with disabilities and give them the opportunity to show that they can contribute.

Employees with disabilities make very loyal workers, and actually take fewer sick leave days than other workers.

As your local candidate on the ground in Kavel, I’m working hard to raise the profile of Dignity Party and Kelly Vincent.

Kelly Vincent has worked tirelessly on behalf of her constituents, I know because she helped my family. Dignity Party’s triple bottom line is for an accessible, affordable and workable South Australia.

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