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Cab drivers hold another protest over issues with Access Taxis

Cab drivers have held another protest in Adelaide today, this time over issues with Access Taxis and a delay in implanting a $10 lifting fee. The taxi industry says the government subsidy was promised last year in place of drivers running the meter when loading and unloading wheelchair passengers. The Transport Minister Stephen Mullighan told ABC Radio Adelaide this morning that the lifting fee would be paid from the 1st of October.

Dignity Party MLC Kelly Vincent attended today’s stop work meeting and told the media it was disappointing it had taken so long to implement:

(ABC RADIO ADELAIDE 5pm & ABC NORTH & WEST 5pm) “That’s still outrageous that it has taken 18 months from the time that the industry was first promised a lifting fee to get a firm implementation date, and it is still somewhat I think questionable that it’s been left up to the industry to get ready without apparently any support from the Minister given that some pretty advanced technological changes will have to happen to make sure things continue to run smoothly.”