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Disability Pride Parade 2016

Disability Pride Parade 2016, with audio of a 5RPH interview with Kelly Vincent.



Voice Over: On 1197AM RPH and Digital Radio, it’s Question Time. A discussion with the decision makers.
Richard: Time once again to welcome to 5RPH, Dignity for Disability MLC, Kelly Vincent. Hi Kelly!

Kelly Vincent: Hi Richard.

Richard: Kelly, the 2nd ever Disability Pride Parade to be held in Australia is on again in Adelaide this Friday the 2nd of December, can you tell us exactly when and where this is happening?
Kelly Vincent: Sure. Well on Friday the 2nd of December, as you said, Barriers to Justice together with Dignity for Disability are hosting the disability pride parade.  And Barriers to Justice are an advocacy group working to improve access to the justice system, including courts and police, for people with a Disability in South Australia, which is of course an issue that Dignity for Disability has done a lot of good work on. So we are hosting this pride parade to mark International Day of People with Disability, to show our pride and sense of culture that we find in disability but also to mark on some of the challenges and the barriers that we still face.

So the pride details are meet at 10am at Parliament House on North Terrace, of course, and at 10.15 the speeches will commence, which will include myself, The Lord Mayor of Adelaide, Martin Haese, the mother of a young man with cerebral palsy, whose name is BJ Price, and Peter Wilson, from Determined2, which is a program providing immersion therapy using scuba equipment for people with disabilities, to provide physical therapy and recreation.

So then after the speeches, from 11am, we will march together from Parliament House to Victoria Square, and at quarter past 11, join some other events that are happening in Victoria Square for International Day. So it will be a great event.

It is free for everyone to attend, and if you would like to participate, all you have to do is meet us out the front of Parliament House steps at 10am on the 2nd of December, everyone is welcome. We will be asking people to wear purple, so that we all match and look strong together. But, of course, we’ll have some free hats, t-shirts, placards, and balloons available.

To help make the parade look more colourful. And you’re welcome, of course, to bring your own banners, or placards, or signs, to show your message of support. Importantly, the event will of course be AUSLAN interpreted thanks to some funding provided by the Adelaide City Council, and there are also accessible toilets provided at either end of the parade, at Parliament House, or Victoria Square. So we’d love to see everyone there to celebrate with us!