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Ex-footballer in Dignity push

Sunday Mail | Advertiser

KELLY Vincent has announced her Dignity Party will run 17 metropolitan candidates at next year’s election.

The list is highlighted by former Norwood footballer Ben Wilson, who also played six AFL games during stints at Sydney and Collingwood.

He will run against Opposition Leader Steven Marshall in Dunstan. Mr Wilson, a history teacher at St Peter’s College, lives with Huntington’s disease.

Ms Vincent, the sole Dignity Party MP in State Parliament, said the number of candidates indicated how serious the party was about “maintaining and increasing representation for all”.

She was sick of the “soft bigotry of low expectations” that excluded marginalised South Australians from the political process. “We are a political party offering a team that actually understands real South Australians,” she said.

“Dignity Party candidates know what it’s like to wait in an ED corridor for a hospital bed, or be let down by a government service, and know what it means when you can’t pay your huge water or electricity bill.”

Ms Vincent said further candidates would be announced in coming months.