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THE electorate of Frome covers Mid North and Upper Yorke Peninsula areas and is held by Independent Geoff Brock. Mr Brock is running again, alongside Liberal
Kendall Jackson, Labor’s Annette Elliot, Dignity Party’s Cat Connor and the Greens’ Paul Birkwood.

What do you believe is the biggest challenge facing Frome?

CAT CONNOR: We need more accessible ramps and toilets in businesses and shops throughout the district. There’s also a need for increased services especially much-needed overnight respite. We need to attract these professionals to live and work locally and to boost the economy.

What do you see as the major issue affecting SA agriculture? How would you rectify this?

CAT CONNOR: We need to boost the wellbeing and resilience of the rural sector. It’s a hard thing to confront but the mental health of people living in regional areas is a really big issue.

What are your views on allowing mining on prime farming land in Frome?

CAT CONNOR: The mining industry has provided jobs and wealth to our state for hundreds of years. We need to balance the environmental impact of mining and look to best practice to reduce pollution – that’s exactly what Port Pirie is doing. Agriculture is important to the region too, and growing food is one of the things SA does very well.