In the Media

In Hindmarsh Square – Results of the same-sex marriage survey

Spence Denny, Roving Reporter & Kelly Vincent, Dignity Party MLC


Spence Denny: I might just quickly grab Kelly Vincent, what’s your response to that result?

Kelly Vincent: Well I guess I have two responses, one is as a queer person who has just been told that all the pain that I went through as an adolescent coming out is worth it. And to my best friend who is gay and waiting to marry his best friend and the love of his life for several years. So I’m wearing mascara that’s perfect for radio at the moment, there’s a lot of tears flowing. But as a policymaker this also means that we can move on with our jobs of making Australia a fairer and more equal place for everyone

Spence Denny: That mascara isn’t exactly staying in place at the moment

Kelly Vincent: I had no idea why I thought it was a good idea to put it on this morning. I think I wanted to look nice for a party but I didn’t think about the..

Spence Denny: You look fantastic.

Kelly Vincent: Thank you.