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Inclusive rights the focus of Disability Pride March

Dignity for Disability MP, has used a march celebrating people with disabilities to call for more equal rights for the community. Adelaide’s second Disability Pride March made its way along King William Street to Victoria Square this morning. The group chanted for a more inclusive society.
MP, Kelly Vincent, says the parade was designed to celebrate how far people with disabilities have come in living a more independent life:
(891ABC 3pm & 639ABC 3pm) “From fighting automatic institutionalisation of people with disabilities, but also remind ourselves how far we have to come from the challenges that students with disabilities find in getting a decent education to the fact that 45% of Australians with disabilities live at or below the poverty line.”
(891ABC 5pm & 639ABC 5pm) “In fact if politicians were listening to people with disabilities properly we wouldn’t need a Dignity for Disability party. I very much look forward – you won’t often hear a politician say this, but I very much look forward to being redundant.”