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Kelly Vincent chats about Changing Places with Peter Greco on Vision Australia

Vision Australia Radio | Peter Greco

Peter Greco: Well I think we’re about 7 weeks away from the state election, lets speak to the member for the Dignity Party in the legislative council Kelly Vincent, how are you Kelly? Happy New Year!

Kelly Vincent: Happy new year to you and your listeners Peter, I’ve got a very excited child playing video games next door so I hope you can hear me okay.

Peter Greco: We can hear you loud and clear, and I’m not sure if that’s why you’re leaving but you’re off on a bit of a country trip

Kelly Vincent: I am, I’m looking forward to visiting Whyalla, Port Pirie and surrounds over the next couple of days, meeting with our candidates in those areas but also meeting with some individuals and service providers about their issues as well so that’s going to be a great trip. And I’ve been very lucky to do 10 regional trips all up last year, so hopefully this will be the first of many in 2018.

Peter Greco: some of the criticisms of the major parties, the Labor party in particular I guess is that those people in country areas do get overlooked and I guess from Dignity Party’s point of view issues from people in the country may be a little bit different to those in the city.

Kelly Vincent: Absolutely particularly when it comes from a disability perspective, I think the NDIS roll out presents particular challenges in regional and rural areas, especially where there is a lack of services on the ground to provide what somebody might be eligible for and also difficulties with transport. So we’ve been very local on those issues, and I look forward to making sure we keep it that way, but one other thing Peter that we have been very successful with in recent weeks is getting the government to finally announce the 6 locations for the first changing places toilets. Now you might remember Peter that we have been advocating for these for a long, long time, the highly accessible public bathrooms that includes things like an electronic hoist and a change table for people who are no longer babies but need to use the change table to be assisted to change in and out of clothing. So they have announced the first locations including 4 in metropolitan Adelaide and 2 mobile changing places for festivals and events, but we are very keen within the Dignity Party to make sure that we get a roadmap for changing places in the regional areas as well particularly because so many people travel to and from the country for things like medical appointments, family events and even sporting and tourism events. So, we really want to make sure that we do get this right, and that’s why I’ve currently got a survey going on my Facebook page asking where in rural and regional South Australia they would like to see these toilets located, at least in the beginning and then we can start hopefully rolling them out in a comprehensive way, that means that people who are on those road trips for whatever reason will never be within a difficult distance of that facility if they need it.

Peter Greco: Of course apart from anything else if people know where they are and they are within a reasonable distance, it would encourage people to get out and about a bit more, and travel, and would help things like tourism.

Kelly Vincent: Absolutely, that is exactly the point and that has been proven time and time again interstate, where these facilities have been available for a number of years. So South Australia is yet again playing catch up but I am very glad it is happening because just the other day for one example I was talking to a young woman who is a university student studying in town, and she has to plan her whole day around her toilet stops, so it’s affecting her study life and unfortunately her employment prospects for when she does leave university as well unless we get these facilities in quick smart. She’s certainly not alone in that situation and of course you’re quite right Peter, the more people can stay there comfortably and do what they need to do the more time and money people can spend at those venues. This isn’t something that is the right thing to do from the human rights perspective and access perspective, it will be a great economic boost as well.

Peter Greco: Terrific, Kelly we’ll catch up again with you next month, I know you’re just about off on your trip so good luck with that, and we’ve been enjoying chatting to some of your candidates over the last few months and I think we’ve got a few more lined up between now and March 17th, thank you for your time.

Kelly Vincent: Thanks Peter, I’m proud of our candidates and I’m glad you get to have a chat with them, but I also look forward to chatting with you myself again very soon.

Peter Greco: That’s Kelly Vincent there the member for the Dignity Party in the legislative council and that changing places campaign is getting a bit of a breakthrough, a bit of a gravitas you might say and we wish Kelly well as she heads up to Port Pirie and Whyalla in the next couple of days so if you live in those areas and are listening in, a cheerio to you and also if Kelly is in your area maybe give her a visit I’m sure her and her team are always very to hear your feedback about how things can be improved.