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More room for people with a disability

A win for extra facilities DISABILITY groups have won their battle to have “Changing Places” – a toilet for disabled adults, with room for a carer, table and electronic hoist built in South Australia.

The State Government will contribute $200,000 for five facilities and is seeking public comment until September 23 on where they should be built.

The move follows reports in The Advertiser in May that the new Royal Adelaide Hospital and Adelaide Oval did not have these facilities for the disabled.

Dignity Party MP Kelly Vincent and party president Rick Neagle have lobbied for the facilities, noting SA is the only state or territory that doesn’t have one.

The bathrooms will be joint projects between the State Government and local councils, shopping centres and public facilities managers.

Department for Communities and Social Inclusion chief executive Tony Harrison said the Government wanted South Australians with a disability to be able to live full and active lives with dignity.

Such facilities were not common practice when the new RAH was designed but SA Health is looking at options for dedicated adult changing facilities at the hospital.

Ms Vincent called for facilities to be established within six months at the new RAH, Adelaide Oval and Rundle Mall. “We need another 20 built across metropolitan Adelaide and regional SA in the next few years,” she said.

“Every day thousands of South Australians face social exclusion due to lack of appropriate toilet facilities.

“The only alternatives are changing on the floor of an unhygienic public toilet or remaining in soiled clothing.

“There are around 14,000 South Australians with a disability who require assistance to use the bathroom.”

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