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problems within SA Health

Leon Byner: Kelly Vincent you let us know from your office yesterday you’ve been trying to settle a matter for a constituent, but your people are telling us that the intranet this is the communication between various health services at SA Health, has been down since last Thursday?

Kelly Vincent: That’s right, the situation is that a constituent of mine who is a wheelchair user needed to be transferred from the nRAH to a different hospital, so they needed to go in an ambulance and because the ambulance couldn’t accommodate the wheelchair, the wheelchair had to follow that person in a taxi and they’ve been billed for that taxi ride despite the fact that it obviously isn’t their fault that their wheelchair can’t be accommodated in the ambulance. My office has been trying to follow up to get some help for my constituent to pay this bill only to be told that they haven’t seen the emails making that request because the intranet has been down since last Thursday, which is absolutely ridiculous, I’ll be the first person to admit that I’ve had issues with my email and my website but I give my IT people a call and it’s fixed if not the same day the next day, so I don’t know how we’ve got to the situation where it’s acceptable for these kind of critical issues to linger since last Thursday.

Leon Byner: Thank you