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Rick Neagle Dignity Party candidate for Hartley talks about the state election

Andrew Reimer | 5AA

Reimer: Rick Neagle is going to be running for the Seat of Hartley

Neagle: It’s been quite an exhausting period. Our campaign office has been open all weekend and people coming in and out so we’ve been very busy getting ready for next Saturday.

Reimer: You’re up against incumbent Vincent Tarzia, you’ve also got Grace Portolesi, Nick Xenophon himself,  Marijka Ryan in council for 10 years and she’s been deputy mayor. Why should people be voting for Rick Neagle from Dignity Party?

Neagle: Well I’ve always maintained the role of Government is to represent the people that need the most. We’re not there to see people that have got businesses, that have got rights to participate in the community and I believe that people who are disenfranchised and marginalised are the ones that should have Government standing up for them, both sides of Labor and Liberal and the conservative Greens really have sacrificed that portfolio. It’s not just Vincent Tarzia, it’s the others as well. But we had an Anti Poverty Network some two weeks ago, he was a no-show which I thought was very disappointing given that it’s his electorate that he was representing and sent Michelle Lensink, that’s fairly poor. A sign of what we are about, we’re about trying to give people services they need and provide them with support.

Reimer: I think it’s one in five Australians consider themselves to identify as having a disability?

Neagle: Yeah, it’s over 350,000 South Australians that we represent and we’ve done great work, Kelly Vincent’s  list of achievements are endless. You just have to look at a record and see the Dignity Justice Plan and what she’s done in that space; for mental health;, the changes to the Planning Legislation. She’s done amazing work. The faceless men of the major parties and the Greens and the conservatives in concert with them have unfortunately come out with a plan to try and exclude them or exclude Kelly, and other minorities and Independents from being re-elected which is very, very disappointing. We’re just hoping she gets enough primary votes and preferences from elsewhere that she gets elected and continues her great work that she’s been doing over the last eight years.

Reimer: The last time we spoke on air a couple of months ago, you said you hadn’t decided where your preferences were going to go – where are they going?

Neagle: They’re going to Xenophon, Nick Xenophon SA-BEST. We’ve done a deal, one for two both ways. Nick’s one of those politicians, he’s quite controversial and he’s always been a figure that people like or dislike. We’ve seen him as a great advocate for the minorities and he’s stood by us in terms of preferencing us and giving Kelly a chance to get re-elected. It’s quite confusing at this election.

Reimer: It’s a dog’s breakfast actually the preferences, it’s very confusing.

Neagle: Look it’s extraordinary what’s happened, both sides of government have sold each other out, this duopoly they have is like Woolworths and Coles. You’ve got these two big supermarket chains owning everything and trying got control the whole market. We’ve got our independent grocers and others trying to make good and create a community and it gets shoved away and that’s exactly what it’s like in this situation

Reimer: Wish you luck on Saturday. I hope the Dignity Party does well and I hope Kelly Vincent does well and wish you and the whole team the best.

Neagle: Always appreciate your support. If anyone wants to help us out during the campaign they can contact us at 8465 1977or to help hand out how-to-vote cards to get Kelly re-elected.