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A fair go in education for students with disabilities

Dignity Party MLC Kelly Vincent has tabled the report on Access to the South Australian Education system for Students with a Disability in the Parliament.

“Families, educators and representative groups from across the state made their views known through the committee hearings, and the recommendations will now go to the Department of Education and Child Development (DECD) for action,” says Kelly Vincent.

“Too often we heard about practices that exclude students with disabilities, when there are clear legal obligations to include them.

“The Dignity Party took the initiative to establish this committee because we hear of far too many incidents in schools where the rights of students with disabilities are not upheld.

“Importantly, too, we know that so many parents are forced out of the opportunity to earn a living because they are called on too frequently to collect their child from school due to their disability.  We want the state-wide economic impact of this to be assessed.

“It’s time to review the behaviour support procedures of schools to ensure that, for example, students with autism are not continually suspended from school based on their behaviour.

“Schools need the resources to provide ways to assist students to learn positive behaviour methods.

“Many students with disabilities experience the soft bigotry of low expectations, as a society we must support educators to raise expectations and deliver a more positive experience to all students.

“It is over to the DECD now, and we look forward to many positive outcomes,” said Ms Vincent.

An electronic copy (PDF) of the report is available here. If you require a hard copy or Word version of the report, please email: