Media Releases

A statement from Kelly Vincent MLC: Getting on with the job

“On behalf of the people of South Australia, I am disappointed in the direction state politics is taking as we move towards the March 17 election,” says Kelly Vincent.

“I have worked hard every day during my term as a member of the Legislative Council and take pride in the faith that people have shown in me as an elected Member of Parliament.

“South Australia faces serious problems, and as parliamentarians there are serious decisions to make about the future or our wonderful state.

“Today, as I have done over the past seven and a half years, I will be consulting with my constituents, advocating for their needs and taking action on issues that matter.

“My office is examining issues on behalf of people concerned about our health system, respect and opportunities for people with disabilities and the daily struggle to pay energy bills faced by many South Australians.

“The media are welcome to contact me about real issues of consequence at any time,” said Ms Vincent.