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A win for drivers who use legal medical cannabis in SA

 Dignity Party MP Kelly Vincent claims a victory for common sense in South Australian Parliament’s Upper House for drivers who legally use medical cannabis for a disability or medical condition.

“Today, I was happy to see the majority of Upper House MPs support our drug driving laws being brought into line with our modern medical environment,” says Kelly Vincent.

“Medical cannabis is now a legal drug treatment used for a range of health conditions and disabilities, and it is important that our driving laws and licence requirements need to recognise this.

“If doctors can prescribe a medical treatment, and issue a certificate saying that the person is okay to drive while using it, then it is logical that we would allow people to drive while using that prescribed medical treatment.

“It is disappointing that the government, who claim they support use of medical cannabis for people that need it, are failing to enable those same people to undergo certification from a doctor that they are fit to drive.

“The government can’t say they support use of medical cannabis, but then make a mockery of the law by not providing a regulatory environment that enables people safely using prescribed medical cannabis to drive.

“I would urge the government to reconsider their position and vote for this common sense change,” said Ms Vincent.