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Parking Solution Beyond Pinky Flat

Dignity for Disability MLC Kelly Vincent is happy to see an outbreak of common sense with negotiations between the Adelaide City Council and the Stadium Management Authority brokered today to ensure that people with disability can attend events at the Adelaide Oval with confidence.

“The issue of accessible parking was never adequately addressed in the redevelopment plans of the facility, particularly when you consider we were moving from a football oval that often had 300 disability permit parkers on game days – AAMI stadium. In a modern, multimillion dollar taxpayer-funded venue, this short-sightedness is simply not good enough,” says Kelly Vincent.

“There were always going to be teething problems with the Adelaide Oval relaunch, but it’s important that access for all patrons is kept front of mind in the solution.

“Pinky Flat isn’t the right answer for mobility aid users as it’s a grassed surface and on a gradient close to a waterway, creating a safety issue. Concerns were also raised with me about the lack of lighting, which is important for people with low vision. The disability community, like everyone else, must be given the opportunity to appreciate the amenity provided by Pinky Flat and the history of the Adelaide Parklands.

“People with disability have the same right to access the community as everyone else, and this needs to be reflected in our public spaces and buildings – including those that have appreciated a huge injection of tax-payer funds. As South Australia’s population ages, it is becoming more and more important to consider how we make our cities truly accessible. This means going beyond the textbooks.

“The legal requirements for accessible car parking do not match best-practice, and I hope the SMA now appreciates the inadequacies of the building code in modern day inclusion of and respect for patrons.

“Dignity for Disability understands all ACC Councillors and the Mayor will be voting in support of a proposal that will see a stepping stone approach to full development of 260 accessible car parks across three years,” said Ms Vincent.

For the 2015 AFL season, 260 accessible car parks will be provided via the Torrens Parade Ground (180), Adelaide Oval Underground car park (50) and War Memorial Drive (30).