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Back room deals a backward step for SA

On the eve of the Oakden ICAC Report, there’s never been a more important time to have Kelly Vincent in parliament, protecting South Australians at risk of abuse.

An unprecedented level of dodgy preference tactics by the major party faceless men, threatens to shut out 350,000 South Australians and their only true voice in the parliament.

“There are 11 seats available in the Upper House and all we are asking for is one chair at the table,” says Anna Tree.

“1 in 5 people in this state have a disability, and their most dedicated and effective Member of Parliament is getting shafted by the old party establishment at this election.”

“Clandestine deals between political parties have maliciously shut out Dignity Party MLC Kelly Vincent, and South Australian voters deserve to know.”

“This election has turned into an invitation-only Mad March event, complete with a three-man popularity contest.”

“Kelly Vincent has fought to make the justice system fairer for people with a disability, with the Disability Justice Plan, only to be fighting for a fair go herself, in the electoral process.”

“The other parties have made the election about expensive candidate fees, campaign buses and costly ad campaigns. The Dignity Party’s grassroots community campaigns are measured by social justice values, not dollar values.”

“Kelly Vincent and the Dignity Party have punched above their weight in terms of influencing positive outcomes for South Australians in need.”

“I would have thought that Jay Weatherill, Steven Marshall, and Nick Xenophon’s comparatively underwhelming record, would see them come to the negotiating table with professionalism, rather than the stonewalling that is currently taking place,” said Ms Tree.