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Election posters should be prosecuted

Dignity Party Campaign Director, Ms Anna Tree has highlighted the ridiculous, senseless and irrelevant habit of political parties erecting election posters.

“There’s no evidence that it assists in getting more votes, and the Dignity Party have made a conscious decision to avoid the expense, the environmental impact and the impossible task of putting up plastic election posters,” says Anna Tree.

“Dignity Party encourage Local Councils to exercise their right to fine those that have already breached guidelines by erecting posters early.

“We have many candidates and supporters who have disabilities, or who are older.  It’s simply not possible, nor safe, to put the posters two metres off the ground as required by regulation, so we have opted out of the system.

“Our campaigning efforts are evidence-based, and not a hackneyed process of creating meaningless busy work for well-meaning volunteers, as is the case with the old parties.

“Dignity Party MP, Kelly Vincent has previously introduced legislation to ban the practice of erecting plastic election posters, and we think it’s just a matter of time before the Parliament supports our initiative.  We call on all candidates and political parties to focus on the discussion of ideas this state election, rather than littering our streets with egocentric election posters.

“We’d also like to see a ‘truth in political advertising’ clause apply to the photos on plastic election posters, meaning that posters must not depict the candidate at any younger than their age at the last election.  It’s wall-to-wall portraits of Dorian Grey in some cases, as the timeless photos do not keep up with the age of the candidate,” said Ms Tree.