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Federal Government’s action on medical cannabis painfully slow

Dignity Party MLC Kelly Vincent is deeply disappointed by the guidelines released today from the Federal Government, stating a lack of evidence on the effectiveness of medical cannabis as a treatment.

In its guidance for patients, the Therapeutic Goods Administration claims that evidence is currently limited, and casts doubts over research methods and doses in relation to medical cannabis. However, the World Health Organisation Expert Committee on Drug Dependence recently pointed to robust evidence to support the effectiveness of Medical Cannabis, and the work of research facilities like Israel’s ‘Tikun Olam’ is in stark contrast with the TGA advice.

“Doctors take their cue from guidelines like these published by the TGA, and in this case it sets the cause back significantly. There is a cruel contradiction between the governments’ moves to make medical cannabis legal, and the barriers to access which it continually puts up.” said Ms Vincent.

“It’s time for the Federal Government to finally listen to experts, and ease the supply obstacles facing those desperately in need of this legal, effective treatment.”

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