Media Releases

World Autism Day

Tomorrow (April 2), on Autism Awareness Day, Dignity for Disability MLC Kelly Vincent reminds the State Government not to forget about the importance of early intervention.
“A recent study from the United States indicates that early intensive behavioural intervention for children with Autism could save up to $208,000 per child, when comparing the cost of other programs,” said Ms Vincent.
“Our Government cannot rely on the Federal Government’s Helping Children with Autism package to provide the best outcomes for people with Autism Spectrum Disorders, as the $12,000 simply does not go far enough to provide the intensive intervention that is required to make a real difference.”
SA’s peak Autism body, Autism SA, tell us that every child should have access to a minimum of 20 hours of support per week to ensure the best possible outcomes for people living with Autism. However, Ms Vincent says Government funding simply is not there.
Ms Vincent compares early intervention in South Australia to that offered in Queensland, where the AEIOU Foundation provides intensive intervention programs involving speech pathology, occupational therapy, educational support, early childhood professionals, psychologist and counselling at low or no cost to parents.