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Silent Night, Silent Chamber

Dignity for Disability MLC Kelly Vincent is once again stunned by the lack of response from the State Government to questions asked in Parliament.

“Since the new parliamentary term commenced in 2014 we have asked 83 questions without notice, including a number of supplementary questions, of the government,” says Kelly Vincent.

“It remains difficult for us to get substantive answers from Ministers; only 38 of our questions have been answered.

“The community deserves much better from its elected government, especially when they’ve just rewarded themselves a big fat pay rise.

“Dignity for Disability has questioned the Government on a variety of issues ranging from disability, to education, health services, transport services, and equality.

“Even the answers we have received are often lacking in detail, or fail to adequately respond to the issues Dignity for Disability have raised.

“In 2013 Dignity for Disability called for more accountability for the new Parliamentary term, after receiving only 37 responses to 91 questions asked between 2010 and 2013.

“Dignity for Disability continues to demand better from the State Government, and we’ll remain persistent in our plea for this when Parliament resumes in 2016,” said Ms Vincent.