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Yes Minister or No Minister?

Following reports that senior South Australian public servants are preparing to brief ministers from the SA Best Party, should they be successful at the election, Dignity Party MLC Kelly Vincent is calling on all parties to rule in or out, a multi-party cabinet as part of any future government for South Australia.

South Australians are being told that they have to choose between a ‘genuine three-way contest’ at the state election, yet neither of those three parties will to be honest about how they would work with the other parties to provide a stable government for SA.

“I am calling on the Liberal Party, the Labor Party, SA Best to be honest with the South Australian People as to whether they would accept or be part of a multi-party cabinet ministry immediately after this year’s election,” said Ms Vincent.

“Past governments have seen ministers like Martin Hamilton-Smith, Geoff Brock, Karlene Maywald, and Rory McEwin take up ministerial portfolios as part of deals to help other parties maintain a majority of seats in the Lower House.”

“It is very likely that a lot of deal-making will be done in the days following this election, deals that will determine the actual leadership, governance and future of South Australia. Voters deserve to know the intentions of those that are asking for their vote – before the election.”

“Enough is enough, many South Australians are struggling to overcome high energy prices, high unemployment, and difficulty accessing essential health and disability support services. The ministers who run important departments in this state must be as reliable as the services that those South Australians desperately need.”

“If the public service is preparing for SA Best ministers as a possibility, then the people of South Australia deserve to know wh​o Nick Xenophon has singled out as potential ministers, and what are the qualities that make them suitable.”

“If Mr. Xenophon does not have the talent within his candidates to to swear any of them in as ministers immediately after the election should he become Premier, then he should be honest about that.”

“Nick Xenophon’s favourite saying is “End the duopoly” of a 2 party system. We say end the duplicity of so-called leaders and their double standards.”

“For some parties, this election is a power grab, for the Dignity Party, it’s about grassroots campaigns about real issues with great alternative candidates.”

SA Best claims to seek the balance of power, the Dignity Party seeks to hold the balance of fairness, inclusion and common sense in the parliament,” said Ms Vincent.