Parliament: Questions Kelly's Asked

SHine SA

The Hon. K.L. VINCENT: Is the minister concerned regarding the training of disability support workers around sexuality of clients, that even though support workers as individuals might be willing to do that training, and complete it very well, policies of the agencies that they actually work for might impede them from actually putting that education into practice, and is this something that he intends to work with SHine SA on in future?

The Hon. I.K. HUNTER (Minister for Communities and Social Inclusion, Minister for Social Housing, Minister for Disabilities, Minister for Youth, Minister for Volunteers): Another excellent question from the honourable member. I am not aware of any inhibition of disability support workers to provide the appropriate sexual health training to their clients because of agencies that employ them. Agencies who take funding from the government are required to meet our requirements and those requirements would be to provide the appropriate range of services.

If, indeed, this is an issue, if the honourable member would like to advise me of any instances she knows of, we can work with the agencies involved, and with SHine SA, to try to bring them together to discuss those issues.