Parliament: Speeches on Bills

Statutes Amendment (Universities) Bill

The Hon. K.L. VINCENT: I will speak briefly today on the second reading of the Statutes Amendment (Universities) Bill. I appreciate the briefings I have received on this from the minister’s office, universities and other stakeholders. Unfortunately, while most of this bill certainly is worthwhile, after careful consideration, like other speakers, the Dignity Party has decided that it cannot support the bill in its current iteration, primarily because it cuts the number of elected positions on university councils and reduces student representation and voice.

If there are more suitable amendments that improve this bill—and I believe I may have just recently received one on my desk that I am willing to consider—and if those amendments are worthwhile, we might consider changing our view to support this bill. But, given that universities need actively to represent the student body, as it currently stands we cannot lend our support to it.