MCS RALLY- Outside the Equal Opportunity Commission SA

Congratulations on your ongoing campaign for increased recognition for multiple chemical sensitivity.

The right to access health and disability services continues as a struggle for many in the community.

As individuals, people living with a disability who need to seek medical attention or assistance with daily living must be able to access services that are safe for them to use.

It just doesn’t work for people to request, for instance, that care workers use no scented personal hygiene products. We need to be able to get the message out that this really does matter, and can have a real impact on people’s well being.

Some of the places we need to provide chemical safety in include: hospitals, doctor’s surgeries, allied health providers rooms. People with MCS need some assurance that they can visit these places for treatment in safety.

The battle for a reduction in chemical exposure for people affected by MCS can be likened to the work of the counter-tobacco movement. The bid to enable people to move freely in the community can, similarly be likened to the push for universal accessibility for people with mobility issues. We are now calling for ‘clean air ramps’ that will enable people to enter and exit services without being bombarded by unnecessary chemicals that so pervade our society.

Thank you, once again, for rallying for this important public health issue. I am pleased to support you in any way I can, and look forward to increased accessibility for people living with MCS.