Claims music fans with special needs have found it tough to get tickets for concerts

The Dignity Party says that music fans with special needs have found it even tougher to get sought after tickets to the upcoming Adelaide concerts for Ed Sheeran and Bruno Mars.

Dignity MLC, Kelly Vincent says the agency Ticketek requires people with special needs to book through a phone hotline but it’s constantly engaged. Ms Vincent says that wheelchair users or companion card holders should be able to buy tickets online along with everyone else:

“As far as I know there are no able bodied people or people without disabilities who have to call up as many 160 times still trying to get tickets without even having gotten through to a staff member.”

 “And when you’re told to do something I think you have the right to expect that when you’re told to call a specific number that someone will at the very least answer that or it will at least ring, and neither of those things is true with this line.”
Ticketek has been contacted for a response.