Frome election candidates

THE Recorder and The Flinders News asked the five candidates running for the seat of Frome to explain what they will do for roads and health in the electorate if elected this Saturday. Read their responses across on roads on this page, and on health on the next page.

KENDALL JACKSON, LIBERAL CANDIDATE A Marshall Liberal Government will rectify 16 years of neglect of regional South Australia. We will establish a regional roads and infrastructure fund, Royalties for Regions, to deliver better and safer infrastructure. The fund will receive 30 per cent of the State Government’s revenue from mining royalties, estimated to be $750 million over ten years, to ensure people living outside of Adelaide get their fair share of infrastructure investment. The State Liberals will deliver $12.1 million to establish a single lane overpass at the intersection of National Highway One and the Copper Coast Highway. The overpass will relieve congestion at the intersection by allowing vehicles travelling south from Yorke Peninsula to merge with traffic heading into Port Wakefield. This is just the first instalment of a long-term plan to upgrade the road connections to the Yorke Peninsula and the Mid North. I’m committed to fighting for greater infrastructure investment for the people of Frome.

CAT CONNOR, DIGNITY CANDIDATE The Dignity Party is aware of the impact of motor vehicle accidents, not only those resulting in death but also the number of serious injuries, some of which lead to lifetime disability. The factors of attitudinal risk must be addressed, as must the issue of individual drivers taking responsibility for their behaviour behind the wheel. Driver education must be a major focus. The Dignity Party consider that adult modelling of careful, courteous, attentive driver behaviour (such as that provided by parents and grandparents, every time there are children in the car) is the very best education about driver, pedestrian and road user behaviour that children can have. We also support the RAA Street Smart Primary and High school programs and support them being rolled out across South Australia. The Dignity Party acknowledges the backlog of rural road maintenance, and have supported the RAA’s campaign for road improvements to be made, including to the Horrocks Highway.

PAUL BIRKWOOD, GREENS CANDIDATE The Greens support safer roads. While a number of dangerous regional roads have seen a speed limit reduction, this must not be seen as a long term solution and should not be used as an excuse to delay investment to bring the roads up to standard and re-instate the former speed limit.

GEOFF BROCK, INDEPENDENT CANDIDATE There are numerous issues with roads however the two main areas would be the Horrocks Highway, the sections from Yacka to Bungaree Station Road and the other is from Clare to Roseworthy. These sections would be the first consideration, the other being the traffic congestion experienced at Port Wakefield, mainly during the holiday periods. There has been a commitment to build an overpass at “Crash Corner” however there has been no suggestion as to the congestion being experienced at Port Wakefield during these periods. A details analysis of both these concerns would need to be undertaken with the best opportunities for road safety, whilst at the same time ensure the viability of businesses in Port Wakefield. I will strongly lobby for substantial more funding for roads, particularly the electorate of Frome. I will strongly lobby for the current roads recently reduced to 100kph to be seriously investigated and returned to 110kph. I give an undertaking that every effort will be made to work with whoever is in Government to get the best results for our communities.

ANNETTE ELLIOT, LABOR CANDIDATE Labor knows country roads are vital to farming communities and this is why we have committed $341 million of a total $532 million worth of road maintenance and safety measure to regional South Australia. As well, we are improving first and last mile access for agriculture and road transport industries though the $19.2million “A modern Transport System for Agriculture” project. In the last State Budget alone the State Labor Government invested $94 million on regional road safety and maintenance projects. Labor has also committed $90 million to the sealing of the Strezlecki Track in the state’s Far North and a further $40 million for our share of duplicating the Joy Baluch AM Bridge in Port Augusta.