Kelly Vincent’s End of Year Event 2014

This is a photograph of Kelly Vincent, Ingrid Birgden and Laurence Byrne. They are all looking in the direction of the camera and smiling. Ms Vincent is sitting on the left of the photograph in her manual wheelchair. She is wearing a light blue dress with a pink, white, and green floral print featuring hibiscus and orchids. She is wearing spectacles with dark frames and has short, red hair. Ms Birgden is squatting down between Ms Vincent and Mr Byrne. She is wearing a cream, collared top with cream pants. She has dark brown hair with a fringe and has clipped her hair up. Mr Byrne is on the right of the photograph and is sitting in his electric wheelchair. He is wearing a black and white striped t-shirt with a red hooded jumper and mustard yellow pants. He has short blonde hair. In the background of the photograph on the right hand side is a timber fence with a small garden in front. On the left hand side in the background is a building made up of grey bricks and dark timber panels.