Sector Friends December 2014

This is a photograph of Nick Schumi, Rick Neagle, and Kelly Vincent. Mr Schumi and Ms Vincent are seated in their manual wheelchairs, and Mr Neagle sits between them on a black plastic designer outdoor chair. Mr Neagle has his hands around the shoulders of Mr Schumi and Ms Vincent and they each have an arm around Mr Neagle's back. All three are looking into the camera and smiling broadly. Mr Schumi is to the right of the photograph and is wearing a black business shirt and black trousers. His black, medium-length hair is swept across to his right and he is wearing spectacles with thick black lenses and lenses with a subtle purple tint. His right hand rests on his left knee. Mr Neagle is in the centre of the photograph. He is wearing a navy pinstripe suit with a light blue shirt and a red tie. he Has a small badge on his left lapel and a navy handkerchief with a polka dot pattern in his left breast pocket. He has short light brown, greying hair. Ms Vincent is to the right of the photograph and is wearing a brightly coloured dress with a bold triangle patterns in pinks, greens, reds, and black and white. An id card on a black lanyard hangs around her neck and her left hand rests on the grip of her wheelchair's left wheel. She has short red hair and is wearing dark pink lipstick.